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  星光不问赶路人,时光不负有心人,年底了,又到了分享硕果的时候!恭喜上海美高学校G12 Ivy Li 同学凭借出众的活动、优秀的文书和文理兼修的素质成功赢得2020年泰晤士报英国大学综合排名第7的杜伦大学和排名19的伦敦大学皇家霍洛维学院的青睐,筑梦成功!

  Starlight does not ask passers-by Time goes by unattached to the heartThe end of the yearIt's time to share good news!Congratulations to Ivy Li from Living Word Shanghai for her outstanding activities, excellent writing skills and achievements of both liberal arts and sciences. It is with honor to announce that she has been accepted to Durham University, its ranked 7th in the comprehensive University Rankings by Times in 2020, and Ranked 19th in Royal Holloway, University of London!





  录取专业:Business and Management


  录取专业:Management with Human Resources


  British universities are world renowned to have one of the highest standards in levels of teaching and research. In the UK, there are several universities that are world-famous, have long histories in education, the quality of the teaching methods and facilities are state of the art, and many have won several noble prizes. It is highly competitive and challenging, but students who graduate holding degrees from top British Universities go on to be hired into Fortune 500 companies.




  杜伦大学(University of Durham),又译作达勒姆大学,是一所世界百强名校,亦是全英国前10的顶尖大学,在英国大学各类排行榜中长期处于第3位至第6位,在英国乃至全世界一直享有极高美誉。

  The University of Durham, also known as theUniversity of Durham, is one of the top 100 universities in the world and thetop 10 universities in the UK.


  Durham is also a member of the famous Coimbragroup and the Ivy League Russell group. Durham traces its history back to Durhamcastle and cathedral, founded in 1072, and is the third oldest university inEngland. Durham castle and cathedral is a United Nations world heritage site.

  <<泰晤士报>>评论:“长久以来,作为牛津大学和剑桥大学之外最好的选择,杜伦大学吸引了“大量来自中产阶级和更富有家庭的学生”。2018年卫报(The Guardian)排名位列全英第4位,英国文学、历史学、化学、地理学都位列全英前4。杜伦商学院通过了三重认证(EQUIS,AMBA和AACSB),是位列世界前1%的顶尖商学院,受很多商科学子的青睐。

  << The Times >> commented: "Durham has long been the best alternative to Oxford and Cambridge, attracting" large Numbers of students from middle class and wealthier families ". In 2018, The Guardian ranked 4th in The UK, and British literature, history, chemistry and geography were all ranked 4th in The UK. Durham business school is triple accredited (EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB), and is one of the top 1% of business schools in the world, favored by many business students.


  因古老的哥特式红砖建筑和开阔碧绿的园林而备受关注,伦敦大学皇家霍洛威学院(Royal Holloway, University of London),简称皇家霍洛威学院(RHUL)被《每日电讯报》(The Daily Telegraph)评为十大英国最美校园,以及全球最美十六大校园之一,也经常成为影视剧的取景地。

  From The ancient gothic red brick buildings to the open green gardens and prestige, Royal Holloway, University of London, Royal Holloway, University of London), hereinafter referred to as Royal Holloway (RHUL) by The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Telegraph) is rated as top ten University, is The most beautiful campus, and one of the World’s most beautiful campuses out of only 16, also often used for film and television episodes.


  RHUL was founded in 1886 by Queen Victoria herself who granted it a royal charter and opened the school.


  Royal Holloway is one of 17 colleges at the University of London. It is committed to the pursuit of high quality teaching and research. Its arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences are not only among the leading disciplines in the UK, but also have won Royal Holloway a renowned international reputation.


  Top 1% of the world's elite universities, the world's top 200 universities in Media, business and computer science are especially popular for international students. With a leading teaching and research team, Royal Holloway creates a vibrant academic atmosphere for its students incorporating the latest innovations and developments into their learning.


  我们一直坚信每一个学生身上都有闪光点,美高带领这位学生把即将来到异国他乡,遇到的困难心境和担忧,转变成对未来专业、职业的追求,招生官看到了她文书的闪光点,也看到了她无限的潜力,美高申请办的老师见证了Ivy Li同学的成长,她在申请路上脚踏实地,一步一步给我们带来惊喜。

  An offer carries years of hard work and dedication behind it. From the interview planning document ideas, to choosing a major, to student standardized exam preparations, and then to the repeated revision of the document, the choice of school, the submission of application materials, not to mention filling in countless forms. We always believe that every student has a unique talent. The pressure and the state of mind for any student is unimaginable, let alone the hundreds and thousands of applicants who apply to Universities mounts an extremely difficult challenge. It’s no surprise that every 12th grade student has concerns of what their future professional and career goals will become, but admission officers saw her capabilities in the documents she submitted, they also saw an infinite potential in Ivy Li. Witnessing Ivy’s growth at Living Word Shanghai throughout these years has been remarkable, and we are more than proud to announce this.

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