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  1. Your friend has to work a lot. Please suggest a hobby to him to help him spend his weekend more delightful.

  Personally, I suggest him or her play group sports, because there are actually lots of benefits, to begin with, one can stretch his or her body, and that is very good to one's cardio vascular system, and it is a great way to relax and have fun. By playing sports, one can develop the coordination of different parts of the body and be athletic. Additionally, one can socialize with their peers and make new friends. One can also learn the importance of cooperation and responsibility when playing team sports, they can struggle together for a common goal.

  2. Describe what you were like when you started attending school.

  I was six when I started attending school. I was curious about everything, eager to learn. It was quite different from kindergarten, courses began and teachers were serious. It took me some time settling in but basically it was all fun and I never cried like many other kids did especially on Monday mornings. I enjoyed Chinese class mostly, the teacher would encourage us to act out the stories we’ve learned. It was a good experience of learning and also making friends. Because you see we had to cooperate and rehearse, it was more of a game for us rather than just words and textbooks.

  3. If there is misunderstanding between you and your friend, do you prefer to solve the problem in public places or private places like home?

  In my opinion, I prefer to remove the misunderstanding with my friend in a public place such as a quiet coffee bar or a nice restaurant. Because firstly, it will show my sincerity by inviting my friend to a formal place to resolve the problem. We will communicate with each other and even make an apology to each other sincerely. What’s more, public places usually provide us with a better sense of fairness while dealing with the disagreement than a private place like one’s home. Also, the nicer environment in a public place can help us relax and get rid of the misunderstanding and even prejudice between us.

  4. Do you agree or disagree with the statement that celebrities like musician, athletes or performers can set good examples for young people?

  I think some famous people can be good examples for young people. For example, my favorite basket player is Allen Iverson. I have a huge admiration for him because he is such a hard-working guy. According to his coach, Allen was so diligent that he was always the first person arrived for training and the last one to leave. He often spent extra two hours practicing after his teammate left for dinner. So it’s definitely his hard work that made him one of the most famous phenomenal players in the league. His spirit motivates me a lot especially when I felt depressed or had difficulty dealing with my tests.

  5. A friend of yours is going to study at another university and he's worried that he won't be able to make any friends there. What suggestions would you give him and why?

  Personally, I would suggest him join all kinds of social activities, for example, like volunteer activities, fundraising, and going on field trip organized by the school. Also, he should joint clubs, like sports club, poem club, debating club, and even martial art club. In this way, he can interact with the club members. If he is lucky, he might come across someone who is from the same place of him or her. Additionally, he or she find someone who have the same hobby, you know, one has so much to talk about when meeting someone who have the same hobby.

  6. Describe an occasion in your country where people give gifts to each other and the kind of gift that's common.

  An occasion in my country where people give gifts to each other is the Chinese New Year. What we give to each other varies from family to family. In my family, we give each other red packets that contain lucky money. They symbolize good fortune and prosperity. Another tradition in China is that parents would their kids shopping during Chinese New Year. When I was a kid, my mom and dad took me to the mall every Chinese Year to let me choose whatever cloths or toys I wanted.

  7. Which one of the following qualities do you think a good school should have? Students who like to help each other, knowledgeable teachers or strict rules?

  I think a good school should definitely have strict rules for the following reasons. My first reason is that strict rules can motivate all kinds of students to work harder because most of the times, students, especially teenagers need a little push in life. For example, when I was in high school, all students in my school were required to arrive at school at 7am to memorize English vocabulary. The school forced everyone to make wise use of the time before the first class of the day officially started. I hated it back then. But when I look back now, I realize that I couldn't have possibly gotten such a good grade in English if my school didn't push me. I probably would have spent my morning sleeping in or procrastinating if my school didn't have such a strict rule. Plus, strict rules can teach students about discipline. Sometimes it's not exactly about the rules themselves, it's the concept of obeying the rules when asked to that matters.

  8. What kind of volunteer work would you like to do?

  As far as I am concerned, the work of assisting traffic policemen to maintain the traffic order in our city once a week is the kind of volunteer work I would like to do. The reasons are as follows. Firstly, it is a meaningful work. There are more and more cars on the roads, traffic accidents happen frequently due to many people’s behaviors of breaking traffic rules. So the more people do in directing the traffic, the fewer accidents that’ll occur. Besides, I can also know better about the traffic rules by being a volunteer that I’ll be much safer while walking and driving.

  9. What do you think is the most important quality of a working environment: good leaders, good colleagues, or flexible time?

  Well, I would prefer to work in a working environment with flexible time. First of all, by working flexible hours, I am able to better control and manage my daily life. To be honest, I’m so bored to get up early every day and travel to work place during the rush hour. Instead, I can travel to work in non-peak hours, which save me a lot of time and better make my schedule. Moreover, if I were allowed to arrange my workdays and holiday freely I might be able to have a longer holiday when I can travel abroad or stay at a place for sufficient time to explore the surrounding and have a better understanding of the local custom.

  10. Your friend wants to attend a summer school to graduate one year earlier from the university. Talk about an advantage and /or a disadvantage of doing this.

  I believe that the advantages of attending summer school for one-year earlier graduation overweigh its disadvantages.

  First of all, the advantage is that the one-year earlier graduation is beneficial to students’ future development, like he or she can gain more experience in work and meet new people in his field, which may enrich his social circle and get him prepared for job hunting in the future. However, there may be some risks involved in attending the summer session, like students are already fully occupied with different kinds of assignments in the summer holiday. If they have to attend summer school, it may be too stressful for them and they may find it extremely exhausted.








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