Passage Reading

  【总体解析】相较于往年真题及模考中passage reading较长的篇幅,本次考试的passage篇幅较短,且生词少。一些多音节词,如substitute可以根据其拼写来猜测发音。

  Technology is the application of knowledge to production. Thanks to modern technology, we have been able to increase greatly /the efficiency of our work force. New machines and new methods have helped cut down time and expense /while increasing overall output. This has meant more production /and a higher standard of living. For most of us in America, modern technology is thought of as the reason /why we can have cars and television sets. However, technology has also increased the amount of food available to us, by means of modern farming machinery /and animal breeding techniques, and has extended our life span /via medical technology.

  Will mankind continue to live longer and have a higher quality of life? In large measure the answer depends on technology /and our ability use it widely. If we keep making progress as we have /over the past fifty years, the answer is definitely yes. The advancement of technology depends upon research and development, and the latest statistics show that /the United States is continuing to pump billions of dollars annually /into such efforts. So while we are running out of some scarce resources /we may well find technological substitutes for many of them /through our research programs.


  1. application 应用

  2. thanks to多亏了……

  3. via 通过

  4. statistics 统计

  5. annually 每年

  6. scarce resources 稀有资源

  7. substitutes 代用品

  Free Talk

  Topic: One of bad habits

  解析:该topic属于陈述类话题,字面非常容易理解,但是暗藏玄机,其实不简单。首先,该话题容易说成“利弊类”,比如bad habit是不做运动,然后讲述了诸多不做运动的坏处,如此就有偏题之嫌。其次,考生容易选择内容太空太大,不具体。此话题可以选择一个坏习惯,内容缩小至一个具体范围,比如“skip breakfast”或“burn the midnight oil”,由此引申出health的话题,结合课上联系和平时的积累,就有话可说拉!


  During our growth, we are always taught to cultivate good habits. Still, I inevitably have some bad habits, and one of them is that sometimes I skip breakfast.

  The reason why I sometimes don’t eat breakfast is that, first, I don’t always have enough time to eat breakfast in the morning. How I spend most of my mornings? Wake up quickly and hurried to school. What’s more, during weekdays, since I must get up very early to go to school, I don’t actually have appetite for breakfast, so I just ignore it.

  Skipping breakfast can result in many disadvantages. For example, it can cause malnutrition and poor health. As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal that people eat every day. We need various nutrients from breakfast to provide energy that we need for whole day. If we skip breakfast for long time, we will become vulnerable to diseases, which will definitely cause negative effects on our study and life. For example, it can be very hard for us to fix our attention in class.

  So, it is urgent for me to correct this bad habit. I can have breakfast on my way to school. Although I don’t have good appetite in the morning, I must persuade myself to eat breakfast considering my health.





  1. What I like most about my job is that I’m able to meet different people every day.


  解析:本句是用what引导的主语从句,包含一个有most提示的最高级,“be able to”是常规词组,意为“能够”。整句话只要能听清楚句子结构,翻译起来不会有很大问题。

  2. There is no need to wait in line since all the tickets have long been sold out.


  解析:两个分句由逻辑词“since”连接,第一个分句用固定句型“there is no need to do sth.” 译为“做某事已经没有必要了”;同类句型还有“there is no doubt that…”,译为 “毫无疑问的是…”。第二个分句为现在完成时的被动语态,译为 “已经被售罄”。需要特别注意的是,在基础口译考试中,since通常不是大家所熟知的“自从”之意,而是一个表示“因果关系”的逻辑连接词。

  3. I like swimming. It keeps me fit and my body shape, and I have fun at the same time.


  解析:源于《基础口译教程》P99页第3段对话。没有特别高大上的词汇,只需完整记录每层意思即可得分。考生可能忽略的盲点是 “my body shape”,建议平常多多积累英文中的生活用语。

  4. I think we need a real rest at some peaceful hotel on the fresh water lake where we can go boating.


  解析:本句为宾语从句和定语从句的嵌套,宾语从句部分比较简单,其中on the fresh water lake翻译为“靠近”淡水湖,注意介词on的翻译。此外,后面定语从句最好单独成句,这样比较符合中文习惯。

  5. For a long time, tourism was unable to attract serious attention from government and multilateral financial institutions.


  解析:本句出自《基础口译教程》P150页英译中第2段第1句。重点词组 “attract attention from”,直译为“吸引…的注意力”。而后面的两个并列宾语,government(政府)为课程讲义高频词汇,financial(金融的,财政的)为强化班讲义100词之一。


  【总体解析】出处:来自于考试Passage reading 的第二段。

  第一小段:quality of life 基本词汇,第一段无难度,上手容易。

  第二小段: in large measure,可能会有小盆友译错,应译为在很大程度上,相当于to great extent/degree。当然了,这段也有我们的“熟人”,例如depend on, make progress ,over the past fifty years。

  第三段小段:难度不大,pump ... into... 投入......到......上。

  第四段小段:本句是由while 引导的表示转折关系的状语从句,重点词汇有:run out of 表示消耗,用完;scare resources表示稀有资源 substitute表示替代品。


  1. I have been asked on many occasions the same question: will mankind continue to live longer and have a higher quality of life?


  2. In large measure the answer depends on technology and our ability to use it widely. If we keep making progress as we have over the past fifty years,the answer is definitely yes.


  3. The advancement of technology depends upon research and development, and the latest statistics show that the United States is continuing to pump billions of dollars annually into such efforts.


  4. So while we are running out of some scarce resources,we may well find technological substitutes for many of them through our research programs.



  【总体解析】中翻英一直是口译难点,本次考试句子都较短,容易记录;句型主要考察了被动语态,没有很难的从句。话题都较为贴近生活。主要难点是词汇,还考了许多高频词汇,如mass media,employment等。同学们需多看讲义,多多积累词汇。

  1. 我们正大力发展职能就业培训,帮助就业困难的人实现就业。

  (口译教程unit2 Part B C-E Interpretation)

  参考译文:We are greatly developing occupational skill and employment training courses to help people who have difficulty finding employment land jobs.

  解析:本句关于就业问题,一直是社会热点问题。“职能”就是“职业技能”,可翻译为occupational skill.

  2. 道路交通伤害可以通过合理分析和采取措施加以控制。

  (口译教程unit3 Part B C-E Interpretation)

  参考译文:Traffic injuries can be prevented and controlled by means of rational analysis and appropriate measures.

  解析:道路交通伤害:traffic injuries,注意不要写成road injuries。“加以控制”有被动含义,因此翻译成英文时需要写被动语态。

  3. 近四十年来大众传媒随着经济的发展呈多样化趋势。

  参考译文:During the past 40 years, with the development of economy, mass media has become more diversified.

  解析:此句在强化班讲义和模考中出现过多次。mass media是基口核心词汇,必背。多样化:diversified。

  4. 春节有许多风俗,有些至今保留着,有些已经淡化了。

  (口译教程第九单元107页part b第二段第一句话)

  参考译文:Many customs accompany the Spring Festival. Some are still followed today, while others have weakened.

  解析:accompany伴随;保留风俗:follow/observe/keep a custom,此处custom和follow是被动关系,因此需要翻译成被动语态。

  5. 安全,运行效率和顾客便利是我们始终坚持的原则。

  参考译文:We adhere to principles – safety, operational efficiency and customer convenience all the time.

  解析:坚持原则adhere/stick to principles。此句为排比句,考察记录笔记的能力。


  【总体解析】本篇中译英关于改革开放,构建小康社会,在基口教程Unit 15 part B中有涉及。文章中很多重点词组,我们都学到过。所以段落就是将一些重点词组拼凑而成。有些短语听起来很高大上,在翻译的过程中我们可以简单粗暴化,用一些简单的词来替代。重点词组有:优先give top priority to,快速发展rapid growth,小康社会a well-off society,一代又一代from generation to generation.

  1. 改革开放几十年来,中国始终把发展作为第一要务。

  (口译教程P211 Part B C-E passage translation)

  参考译文:In the past few decades since the beginning of reform and opening up ,China has given top priority to development .

  解析:改革开放几十年来可以译为In the past few decades since the beginning of reform and opening up,也可以翻译成since the implementation of the reform and opening up policy over few decades。作为第一要务其实就是优先发展,即give top priority to...或者翻译成put the development into the first place.

  2. 正因为这样,中国的经济正以世界上少有的速度持续快速地增长。

  (口译教程P211 Part B C-E passage translation)

  参考译文:Ever since this, China’s economy has maintained rapid growth rarely seen in the world.

  解析:少有地即rarely, 快速增长rapid growth

  3. 到2020年,我们将建成惠及十几亿人口的小康社会。

  (口译教程P211 Part B C-E passage translation)

  参考译文:We will build a moderately prosperous society at a higher level by 2020 to benefit our over one billion people.

  解析:小康社会高大上版:a moderately prosperous society,简单粗暴版 a well-off society,小主们自主选择。惠及就是造福于,即benefit。

  4. 这是一代又一代中国人梦寐以求的美好愿景和奋斗目标。

  (口译教程P211 Part B C-E passage translation)

  参考译文:This is the grand vision and abiding goal of the Chinese people from generation to generation.

  解析:一代又一代from generation to generation, 愿景vision。



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