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  On June 5th and 6th, NAIS held two splendid summer music concerts. It shows the musical talents of students in NAIS by having instrumental ensembles, solo performances, chorus songs, and band plays.




  --- G11 林同学

  This is my second time attended the school concert. I am a student who is about to enter the 12th grade. At the same time preparing for the application, I still need to conduct a huge band and chior as well. Even though we don’t have enough time to practice all the songs repetitively, we were still falling for the wonderful feelings playing musical instruments. It is true that the band is somewhat imperfect, everyone try their best playing performing. Anyway, this concert was very successful and I feel a great pleasure and honor doing that. Facing the challenges with the notes on the strings, this will be one of the most memorable and happiest moments in my high school life.

  --- G11 Anthony Lin


  --- G11 吴同学 (葫芦丝表演者)

  As a performer in this concert, I feel the warm atmosphere of it. Before the performance, everyone was looking forward to it. Although it was my first time participating in the concert, I was not nervous at all, since I was ready to perform in front of the crowds. During the performance, I felt relieved enjoying the music that I played. After the performance, with the warm applause, the sense of pride in my heart got it birth.

  --- G11 Robert Wu






  --- G11 索同学

  Life is always in practice. After thunderstorms and rain, crossing the ocean of hardness, it is a great pleasure to reach the side of success.

  This is my second time participating in the concert in NAIS, but it is more memorable than the first time. What's different from last time is that I had a solo performance. The experience of playing piano and singing at the same time highlights my school life.

  Playing and conducting music let me experienced. As I am growing up, there are fewer opportunities to do such a concert again. When I traced back, this will be the most beautiful memory of my high school life, as well as the entire concert. Thanks to all the students who participated in this concert. Thanks with all their efforts and sincere for music to present us with a perfect performance.

  --- G11 Mark Suo



  --- G11 罗同学

  Working in the backstage has always been a pleasure for me. Even though every show means exhaustion and probably a headache, I would come back every time. Setting up the stage is like solving a puzzle. Whether the show proceeds smoothly or not depends largely on the stage crews' ability to find the optimal solution. Things that look trivial are those that matter the most to us. It is absolutely thrilling for me to be the one who ensures the performer of the best talent can perform on the best stage. My favorite part of the job is to watch the performers going on the stage. Anxiety on their faces, flurry in their footsteps, but I, among all of them, have a better understanding of what will happen next. They will walk out courageously, succeed, and walk back with the greatest satisfaction on faces. Performing is a chemical that can magically knock us out of the wearisome reality.

  No show can be successful without teamwork. The whole crew understands that we are the ones who serve in the dark, but what makes us exceptionally proud is the realization that every show performed on the stage, in some degree, is also the show of our own. Time with my team is marvelous, they are kind, smart, and most importantly, passionate about our cause. Maybe that’s the reason why I love doing backstage so much.

  --- G11 Dorian Luo


  --- G11 戈同学

  The concert was very successful. As a member of the orchestra, I enjoyed the process very much. Although it takes along time to practice, it does worth all the efforts, because we have a happy ending at last. However, I was a little bit nervous when I went on stage, so that I made some small mistakes. But overall it was much better than the previous time.

  This concert is a great experience for me. It has accumulated lots of experience for me, and it will definitely be a piece of the most precious memory forever!

  --- G11 Elsa Ge


  The wonderful concert fulfills the life of students. Meanwhile, it develops both stage performance and team coordiation skills. Looking forward to the next concert! See you next time

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