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  We’ve officially started our Student of the Month from this semester with specific criteria and judgement in different aspects in a gesture to recognize students who have displayed excellent attributes which serve as a good model for other students in behavior, academics, and the constant pursuit of improvement.

  我们收到了三月份中方和外方的班主任的推荐信。非常感谢各位老师的推荐,我校本月之星有7位同学。他们是9年级的Helen /Suzen , 10年级的Felicia/Joe , 11年级的Bennu/Lucas/ Yulia。在这里附上以上同学的近照,当选理由及教师推荐信。

  In March, we received recommendation letters from both Chinese mentors and foreign mentors. Thanks a lot for teachers' nomination, it results in 7 students of the month across our school. They are Helen /Suzen from G9, Felicia/Joe from G10, Bennu/Lucas/ Yulia from G11., Attached recent photo and personal reflection on the reasons for their success together with teachers’ nomination paragraph.



  Y9-1 Helen Song


  I am very honored to be the Student of the Month. This appellation refers to a lot of different meanings. Personally, it shows teacher’s recognition of me, and it is a motivation for me to keep this well performance in the future as well. For students, it acts as a model for them and encourages them to study harder and have a better performance. By being rewarded for the Student of the Month, I am now full of passion to continue my outstanding future study with a positive mood.

  Ashley和我提名“Helen ”为“本月之星”。



  recommended by Aoife & Ashley

  Ashley and I have nominated Helen Sun as” student of the month".

  Helen has worked extremely hard throughout this term, even while we went through the uncertain period of learning online when drastic adjustments were necessary.

  Ashley and I feel that Helen really deserves this recognition.

  Y9-2 Suzen Bao


  Over this particular period, I studied online at home and obtained some achievements in different areas. Actually, I persisted in retaining the habits I had when I was studying at school. Generally, I believe that the most significant one is listening to the teachers carefully and finishing homework independently on time. I always finished all the homework assigned by the teachers every day before 9 p.m., so I have the rest of my time to do things what I like and relax. It is not so challenging to get good grades if you persist in these good habits. During this time, I continued to get A or A* across my the subjects, and improved in history and ESL. It was surprising and my parents were proud of me, too. Besides, getting sufficient exercise and keeping a consistent sleeping time are also important. I slept at 22:30 every night and got up at 7:15 in the morning, and took PE classes every day. On the weekend I usually run with my parents in the park to keep fit. Exercising indeed gives me a sense of relaxation and a positive attitude in such a difficult situation. In addition, I think I’m a kind and helpful girl. My classmates are willing to ask me questions and I am also happy to solve their problems. I appreciate being able to participate in activities such as APEC and ASTAR, because my confidence and leadership ability would be enhanced through them.


  Suzen is a remarkable student who has performed very well during this online period. She pays careful attention in all her classes and will always be the one who responds to the teacher’s questions when others are silent. Suzen has a drive to constantly improve and is never discouraged when she has a less than stellar result; she will talk to her teachers, identify where she went wrong, and do better next time. Moreover, she has a humble and friendly demeanor and is willing to help her classmates when they need assistance. Her cooperative attitude and sense of calm make her a stable and soothing presence in the classroom for her peers during this difficult time. --

  Y10-1 Felicia Li






  As the secretary of SDA Student Council, I take apart in many school events, either organizing, planing or participating. I am always responsible and very willing to help other students whenever they have difficulties. I like to take challenges, and it is manageable for me to work for school and handle my own academics at the same time. I am not afraid of making mistakes, because I know this is the way for me to improve.

  I might not be the top student in my grade, but I am proud of my self-discipline. I am not so active during class time, yet always on time for classes and fully concentrated to take notes. I am able to answer the questions that the teachers asked, and always shows a good academic performance throughout the year. I never forces myself to be the top one of the grade, all I want is to make myself satisfied, and never regret.

  Some students are quiet and always study hard. I do looking forward to their spirit, but I am a talkative person. I love to express myself, explain the ideas I thought. I am a critical thinker, sometimes I do got opposite aspect toward an idea. Yet I am very willing to express them, and welcoming different ideas to enlarge my views.

  I work for many school events. For example, I am helping with the school’s public account recently, and my job is to collected information that can be used in the articles. They might be pictures, or reflections, or videos. Other than that I have being working in student council one and a half semester. As one of the most important department in the community. I have being always cooperating with other members of different department. Whenever they need help, our department can always come.

  I received A or above for more than four subjects during this mock exam. I am confident with myself, and had show a outstanding performances through the semester to prove my ability.—

  我提名10年级的Felicia Li为本月之星。她是一个经常对他人同理心很强的热心女孩。学术方面,她在模考中取得了A和A*的成绩。她在学生会的工作认真负责,展现出了极强的领导力。综上作述,她是一个非常优秀的候选人,谢谢。

  I would like to nominate Felicia Li in 10-1 class as the student of this month. She is a warm-hearted girl who always show compassion towards others. She is outstanding in academic performance with A or A* achieved in the mock exams. She shows strong leadership by taking responsibility in student union. Overall, she is a good candidate for recognition. Thanks.

  Y10-2 Joe Zhou



  Why I have been able to survive and prosper this year.

  In my daily life, I take classes very seriously and try to learn every point of all my subjects. Recite some hard words, like “lebensraum”, everyday and review it to keep it in my mind. I try to learn more extra things out of our textbooks, like something in the pure physics classes rather than only in combined science as well as more thing in mathematics like Menelaus.


  I have only known Joe since September and due to my observance of him, I wish I taught him as every teacher would love one who is as diligent as Joe is. Completing two years of IGSCE in one year is very difficult but Joe actually succeeded and increased his English to a level where he could write at an IGCSE level. That is why Class 10.2 is nominating Joe as our Student of the month.

  Y11-1 Bennu Jiang


  In this semester we have online classes because of the coronavirus, but I am still doing great both in my academic part and activity part. In the mock exam I could basically achieve an A in every subject. I know it wasn’t my best performance. I will try my best to find my mistakes and weaknesses. I am also a student who is enthusiastic about helping other students. I often help my classmate to solve math and physics questions. On the activity side, I take part in both physics bowl and physics photo competition, even though both competitions were cancelled. But I won the third prize for the photo competition in the school’s voting. I also signed up for the math competition which will be held in May.

  I think the most difficult aspect of studying at home is self-control because you have to control yourself from spending too much time playing games, I think most students will have this problem. So as long as you have this ability you can be a person like me!--


  Bennu has always been a positive and active student, and has made progress this term. He is very responsive in class, contributing to class activities. He is also thoughtful in helping others deal with problems, both in class and in life. Bennu always has a cheerful outlook and works very hard for his goals. He is a friendly and engaging person, and encourages people to do their best at all times. This also shows leadership potential, which he is developing in his time in SDA. We are pleased to be teachers and mentors of Bennu, as he is an excellent example of an SDA-er

  Y11-2 Lucas Zheng



  This is a special semester. Because of the COVID-19, we take the class at home instead of learning at school. During this time, I make the progress on some subjects. But I do not think this is a success, because it’s just the inevitable result of hard working, and also I have not achieved the goal that I want to achieve especially on the economics and chemistry.

  In my study, chemistry and economics have always been my weakest subjects. After the mock exam, I became more and more aware of the seriousness of this problem. So I had made a timetable to allocate my time on my weakest subjects efficiently. You know, I was one of those people who think that make a timetable or schedule for studying was useless, but now I recognize that a detailed timetable is really useful for your study. And I am not a person with a very strong self-control. A detailed timetable can make me awake when I lose myself in the other things. So I strongly recommend that everyone should tailor a study plan for themselves, this will allow you to do the right thing at the right time.--


  Lucas has made some tremendous progress during the course of this semester. After communicating with his parents, Lucas has become more diligent and meticulous with his studies of all subjects including Chemistry and Economics which are his weakest academic areas. Although Lucas can be rather reserved during individual mentor sessions, he is more than willing to relate to both myself and Mr. Derek when prompted. Overall, whilst this critical period of online teaching has been a challenge for many students, Lucas has undoubtedly made this semester a meaningful and worthwhile experience. I look forward to seeing very promising results from Lucas.


  Lucas has been an active and energetic student in class and hand in homework on time and with a good quality during the past month. In the recent mock exam, he got full marks in S1 which is impressing. Although he is not at the top of class for Chemistry and Economics at the moment, I believe there will be a considerable improvement in these two subject as he realized the problem and began to put more effort into these two subjects. All in all, Lucas did well in this semester of online-teaching and made this period worthwhile. I hope he will continue in this mode for the rest of the semester.-

  Y11-3 Yulia




  During the virus quarantine period, people are all stuck at home. I have been doing my best to put a lot of effort into each course, which has taught me how to respond and pay attention to my priorities. Because we are in grade 11, we have lots of projects to do. It is a very significant year for us, every day full of homework.

  In my studies, I managed my time reasonably and also organized my free time to do more review sections or do some exercises. This becomes the main part of keeping a stable score on all of my classes. I got A and A* from the mock exam, but I still want to achieve a higher score and challenge myself. Actually, at the beginning of this semester, I have been very upset and anxious about my studies and daily life. Then I communicated with my teachers and friends to get opinions and that has worked very well. I was able to focus on my goals and become more motivated and look for different strategies to achieve them.

  Being confident is also a very important aspect of achievement. When clarifying your goals, one can become more active and motivated. Every time you face difficulties, do not go backward, keep working on your everyday problems and challenges and you will find it's not so hard.


  Yulia has always been an active and diligent student and has made some tremendous progress during this term so far. She kept a high level of self-discipline all the time. She handed in homework on time with high quality and once she got an academic problem, she would come to me immediately either in or out of class. In recent mock exam, she got an A in Statistics 1 with some careless mistakes. I do believe if she continues this pace and be a bit more careful. She will get a promising result at the end of this academic year.

  非常荣幸我们能够提名Yulia Ma为11.3班的SDA“每月之星”。





  It is our great pleasure to award Yulia Ma with the SDA “Student of the Month” Award for 11.3.

  Yulia is an outstanding all-around student who embodies many wonderful attributes including grace, kindness and perseverance. Yulia is a delight to be around, she is a warm, sincere and caring person, who always takes the time to really listen to what people say. Yulia often will step up to lead her peers, running for student council and acting as a club leader. Yulia is not afraid to speak up to voice her concerns when she feels student voices need to be heard.

  Academically, Yulia is a conscientious and hardworking student who doesn’t give up when faced with a challenge. She pushes herself to do well, and doesn’t get discouraged when challenges arise. She is a curious, inquisitive and engaged learner.

  In Economics, Yulia has performed very well this month. She went out of her way to improve her work and she has always maintained a great attitude even during the quarantine period. In Math, Yulia has always been an active and diligent student and has made some tremendous progress during this term so far. She kept a high level of self-discipline all the time. She handed in homework on time with high quality and once she got an academic problem, she would come to see Mr. Li immediately either in or out of class.

  Congratulations, Yulia. Keep up the great work!


  A formal certificate and some gifts will be awarded to those nominated students, please come to Student Affairs Office to get them after coming back to school. Let’s work together to build a better SDA! Thank you !

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